Expert panel tackles the challenges of Azerbaijan’s landmine crisis

Press Release | Timberwolf-Phoenix LLC 

April 23, 2021 

Today, at 1 pm New York, 7 pm Amsterdam, 9 pm Baku, joined an esteemed panel of analysts, defense experts, and trauma specialists who will address Azerbaijan’s fight with landmines.

The panel will be moderated by Irina Tsukerman, media vice president, Timberwolf Phoenix LLC. It will feature Benjamin Minick, a security and defense specialist, Ilkana Goja, a trauma specialist, Lala van der Kolk, Co-Founder of the Mine Mark Foundation, Esmira Jafarova, board member of the Center of Analysis of International Relations, Namik Aghayev, the vice president of North American Azerbaijani Youth Association, and Faraham Amirli, a landmine blast survivor.

The Karabakh conflict left Azerbaijan as one of the world’s greatest hotspots for civilian mine casualties. Compounding the issue, the Armenian government has yet to provide maps of those landmines left in the liberated territories. Religious leaders and activists alike have called on the international community to insist that these maps be provided to limit the risk of casualties from the presence of landmines in Karabakh as civilians return to the area.