Exclusive insights into energy’s role in geopolitical economic warfare

Media Statement Republic Undeground

May 25, 2021 

On May 26, at 1 pm New York time, 7 pm Cairo/Rome, 8 pm Riyadh Republic Underground will join an exceptional line-up of geopolitical experts to discuss energy’s role in economic warfare. The event will air on Facebook Live at www.facebook.com/RepublicUndergroundNews. It will be moderated by Irina Tsukerman. 

Discussion will include

A breakdown in the interest of state or non-state actors in taking control of the Suez canal.

How that could impact the local economy as well as international energy trade. 

The power grab for Red Sea security. Critical commentary on the role of state players in the region. Yemen’s clash with the al-Houthi insurgency. The impact of Iranian intervention in the Horn of Africa’s energy, oil, and gas trade. 

Hot button issues 

The panel will pull no punches discussing the most critical security issues from a fresh perspective. At the top of this list is the issue of the Grand Ethiopia Renaissance Dam deadlock. 

Insights into the immediate needs in Egypt/Sudan/Ethiopia diplomacy, but also nearby Kenya and other Nile-touching nations. Insights into whether or not there are viable energy projects that could replace or supplement GERD in a way that will satisfy these interests and mitigate current concerns. What investments into electric fields in the region are possible and what countries could play that role?

And as an aside to that glaring issue, other “hot” pressing topics for the GERD-impacted region including: 

Ethiopian oil, which is rarely discussed, and whether the current internal crisis in Ethiopia could trigger a fight over resources between assorted interest groups.

What impact could the “Houthification”(thanks to Eritrea, various extremists, Turkey/Qatar meddling, and Ethiopian government clashes with various local tribal interests) of that general area have on the state and non-state actors/ general population?

The panel will also unpack Afghanistan issues and the interests in natural resources of non-state actors. 

Plus, a look at how that will affect regional and global concerns and security.

Don’t miss the critical discussion of U.S. policy on all-of-the-above 

The group breaks down just how the US is abdicating its interests and by its absence from the scene contributes to the rise of security concerns and what impact this is likely to have on the market.