Event Alert Saturday: Current and future geopolitical changes in Caucasus

Editorial | Republic Underground 

December 17, 2020 

Above is featured the poster for the event. 

This Saturday, December 19, Karabakh is Azerbaijan NGO organization will host the Current and future geopolitical changes in Caucasus event. 

The event commences at 10 am CST (Chicago Time, US) and concludes at 12 pm CST. The equivalent time is 20:00 Baku Time. The event is a free, virtual event that will be hosted on Facebook.

The featured speakers are Irina Tsukerman and Patrick Walsh.

 Irina Tsukerman is the vice president of Republic Underground News, who is a human rights lawyer and political analyst in her professional capacity. Tsukerman is an advisor to the Supreme Council of the London-based International Justice Organization. 

Dr. Patrick Walsh is an Irish historian and Caucasus expert. A resident of Northern Ireland, he sought to better understand the nature of the delicate political climate of his own country, along with its conflict. To gain this understanding, he researched the Great War of 1914-1918. Visit his site for more.  

The Facebook advertisement for the event proceeded as follows: 

Dear followers,

We invite you to join our online interview dedicated to the current and future geopolitical changes in the Caucasus region.

Our speakers Patrick Walsh and Irina Tsukerman will discuss the liberation of the Karabakh region from the occupation of Armenia and the construction of transport corridor to Nakhchivan.

The live interview will take place on our Facebook account / www.facebook.com/karabakhisazerbaijanmedia

The interview will last 90 minutes, including a questions section at the end.

Date: 19 December 20:00

Follow the link below to register:


We invite you all to this interesting interview!

Please direct questions or comments regarding this event to the News Desk @ Republic Underground. Write to Rachel Brooks, Managing Editor, at rbrooks@republic-underground.com for more details.