Empowering both Israel and the UAE, Ben Minick talks path to lasting peace

Editorial | Republic Underground
April 7, 2021 

Above image is a screencapture of the event which broadcast on The Capitol show on April 6. 

“Realistically, no matter how you look at it, we’re all people,” said Minick, regarding the peace agreement between Israel and the UAE.

On April 6, Benjamin Minick, a U.S. military and defense analyst spoke with Maria Maalof, a broadcast host with The Capitol TV.

“You said it is possible to make peace, you said. What do you think about the peace agreement between Israel and the UAE?” Maalof began the discussion on military and defense.

“I think the peace agreement between Israel and the UAE is absolutely amazing and is a long time coming. This should have come a long time ago. Normalization and establishing business ties are very important. If there is to be lasting peace in the region, this should be a building block for how to do that,” said Minick, speaking on how tolerance and in-roads for business and travel are strong building blocks for creating a lasting peace in the region.


“Do you think that it should develop into a joint military defense agreement?” asked Maalof. 

“I believe a joint military defense agreement between the two countries would be amazing. I think it would bolster the sense of peace in the area, knowing that there was a force behind it to protect it should something come and jeopardize it,” said Minick. 

Maalof then discussed the UAE and the USA’s long-term partnership development to develop the UAE’s defense and security industry. Maalof asked Minick his point of view on this project. Minick expressed a positive outlook. 

“I agree with it 100 percent,” said Minick. 

“I have a lot of contacts and a lot of friends in the UAE. I’ve watched them build their country up. I’ve watched Israel do the same,” he said, noting that the United States already has established defense forces in the region. Minick believes that establishing military and economic positions in the region will strengthen both countries for the long-term, citing the mutual empowerment by the United States’ technology, and the UAE’s long-term position and understanding the region and how to navigate it diplomatic and otherwise.