Construction successfully continued in the lands liberated by Azerbaijan

Construction and qualifiers are being successfully continued in the lands liberated by Azerbaijan

March 20, 2021

Image courtesy of local sources, fair use. 

“Azerbaijan is entering a new era and 2021 can be marked by restoration in the liberated territories,” said the director of Azerbaijan-Jewish Media Center Nasimi Abilov. The government has already developed an appropriate socio-economic concept. The joining of companies from countries that are friends for the reconstruction of Karabakh is a great success.

Especially, the companies from this country are involved in the construction of the highway of Shusha and a lot of construction work. An agreement has been signed with the Italian company Ansaldo Energia to create energy infrastructure in Karabakh.

It is gratifying that among these companies there are several companies from the State of Israel that have offered their assistance to Azerbaijan in the construction and restoration of the lands liberated by Azerbaijan. However, despite all this, Azerbaijan intends to finance the restoration work at its own expense. The country won’t face big problems
There are many emerging projects such as tourism, industry, including the increase of foreign capital assets. Construction and restoration of hydropower stations are necessary and important, this will provide new additional sources for electricity export.

The mining industry will expand opportunities for “ quality mineral resources “.According to analysts, the consequences of the war caused the emergence of new geopolitical realities in the region. All this opens new possibilities among countries in the region, at the same time, it creates conditions for the exchange of goods, trade development, and enables the involvement of the other competitors interested in the implementation of interregional projects.