Circle of deed and unrealistic plans

by Ahmed Elahgal

Mr. Elahgal a member of the political
work team of Dr. Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi, and media adviser.

In light of the recent media changes, the emergence of new means of communication, and the emergence of the features of the virtual space that captures man in small communication groups that revolves around its astronomy, ideas, and ideology, it obscures the rest of the realistic visions from the recipient and the individual lives for the hypothetical moment without having a realistic reaction in the social environment He lives in, and the reason for this is due to the discharge of his charges and energy in various social networks.

And on the same sites, they monitor news and flow in a certain direction according to the intellectual group that belongs to it as an individual …
The user stuck to these means as a result of his feeling that he is sitting in the leadership platform that streams news, information, and even your choices have become hostage to his needs, interest and preference. It has become the one that controls the process of display and exposure, and this leads us to talk about the families of the interactive networks of the citizen and Fleeing him away from his reality, which makes him a person incapable of managing his action realistically as he casts his actions in the public space ….

From here we are well aware that societal issues have become devoid of actual realism in the social environment in which you live.

And this is what the media maker aspires to, as they want to convert realistic verbs into virtual verbs that do not match reality, but flee from it, and based on the foregoing, it does not seem to work in two parallel directions and they are the living reality in order to highlight our social presence within the social structure and highlight our intellectual existence The expression of our issue and the other direction is to work on building a communicative and interactive bridge in preparation for transforming it into a phase of real realism on the ground, which results in a real action in the geographical framework and social pattern …

Dear reader, you must realize that not everything that is said is true and not everything that flows can be accepted without subjecting it to judgment and analogy and inferring those that indicate the sincerity of these messages and their source or lack of credibility when we reach this level of sensory and mental awareness embodied in our ability Verb and get out of the frameworks of unreality.

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