Boko Haram boobytraps kill 11 Nigerian Troops

boko haram

Charles Nwoke, Maiduguri, Nigeria
December 30, 2020 

Security sources on Tuesday said that eleven officers of Nigerian security troops have been killed by landmines planted by Boko Haram terrorists, including four soldiers in northeast Nigeria.

According to reports, seven hunters recruited to assist the Nigerian military in combating the Islamist insurgents were murdered on Tuesday when their vehicle hit a landmine in the Kayamla village, outside Maiduguri, Borno State’s capital.

Babakura Kolo, the head of a local anti-jihadist militia, told AFP “Seven hunters died in the explosion and nine others are badly injured.”

“Their vehicle hit a landmine as they were pursuing Boko Haram insurgents,” he added.

Another local vigilante man confirmed the unfortunate incident to the newsmen.

Two security sources revealed to AFP that four Nigerian army officers were slain on Monday when their van hit a landmine planted by Boko Haram fighters in the Logomani community near the Nigerian boundary with Cameroon.

There have been incessant attacks in northeast parts of Nigeria since the beginning of the month.

Just last week, 40 lumberjacks were abducted and three killed near the Cameroonian border.

Eleven persons were killed by Boko Haram on Christmas eve, with a church razed down and a priest seized in a village near Chibok, where it notoriously abducted more than 200 schoolgirls six years ago.

Boko Haram and a splinter group known as ISWAP have killed 36,000 persons in the northeast and forced roughly two million to flee from their residence since 2009, according to the United Nations.