Biden “expects ceasefire”, Netanyahu continues Operation Guardian of the Walls

4,000 rockets in 10 days, a screencap of a video by @IDF. See below: 

Biden “expects ceasefire”, Netanyahu continues Operation Guardian of the Walls

The Israel-Hamas war continues into the 10th day 

By Rachel Brooks

May 19, 2021 

International politics increase as the war in Israel continues for a second week. On Wednesday, The Jerusalem Post reported that U.S. President Joe Biden stated he “expected a significant de-escalation on the path to a ceasefire” of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by Wednesday. 

Netanyahu then spoke after a meeting at the Kirya IDF headquarters and stated that Israel will continue to enforce Operation Guardian of the Walls until Israel is confident it has achieved its goal of restoring quiet and security for Israel. Netanyahu stated that he appreciates the support of governments around the world, including Biden’s statements on Israel’s right to defend itself which Netanyahu stated: “is a natural right.” 

Netanyahu has stated that Israel does not have a deadline for which it expects to complete Operation Guardian of the Walls. Rather, Israel has an objective goal to complete and has stated that it will pursue this goal as long as is deemed necessary. 

“‘We’re not standing with a stopwatch in our hand; rather, we are making sure to meet the goals of this operation, Netanyahu said in a briefing to foreign ambassadors on Wednesday,” wrote The Jerusalem Post. 

Netanyahu also stated that the possible solutions to Gaza are either to conquer Hamas or to develop a strong deterrence of them. 

On Wednesday, the Israel Defense Force reported that 4,000 rockets had been fired at Israel in 10 days. In addition to weapons fired from Gaza, the IDF reported being engaged by forces from Lebanon. 

As political tensions increased all over the world, German police conducted a mass raid of Lebanese Hezbollah funding charities across German. Bild reported that, early on Wednesday morning, the German police were conducting search and seizure operations associated with three organizations that had developed as charities but were found to be funneling money to Lebanese Hezbollah. Hezbollah is a supporter of the Hamas incursion and has likewise been linked to the Islamic Republic of Iran’s proxy network.