Azerbaijani MOD releases footage of the liberated territory’s destruction

Rachel Brooks

April 18, 2021

Screencapture of Tavrolu village, fair use illustration. 

Footage emerges from the Jabrayil region’s Dash Veysalli village as more and more the aftermath of the Karabakh conflict’s 30-year episode comes to light. AzerNews reported Sunday, April 18 via Trend News Agency that the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry had disseminated footage from the liberated zone. The footage was posted to DayTube and reveals the remnants of what was once Jabrayil’s Azerbaijani villages. The structures show degraded stone of a region left to decay at best and at worst to the ravages of the occupying forces.

Despite the obvious destruction of the stonework, powerlines still stand in the region, suggesting that the Armenian presence in the region had access to electricity and other utilities.

The footage can be viewed via AzerNews. 

Footage ofJabrayil follows another controversial news release from the liberated zone, as more and more former residents return to find the former Azerbaijani dwellings ravaged. Cemeteries were included in the list of structures deliberately pulverized by occupying forces. Below is footage recently submitted to the record that recalls disinterred ancestral graveyards in the Karabakh territory.

In addition to the release footage of Jabrayil and the Karabakh cemeteries, Azerbaijan likewise shared footage from Tarovlu village in the Gubadli region. See this footage also at AzerNews via Trend News.

The footage of Tavorlu shows that road signage indicating the name of the town is completely in tact. However, city structures are in total disrepair. Structures stand completely stripped of their brickwork as the hulls of architecture. Many structures have trees and other foilage growing in their ruins as they appear to have been left derilict for some time.

Paths exist in informal mud-based tire track paths that indicate the lack of infrastructural investment in the immediate vicinity as occupying forces did not appear to have paved the immediate vicinity for some time. The spring continues in the area, as in the bleak expanse of the ruins, the footage captures isolated trees in full blossom. They stand like dressings of a grave, as Karabakh is but a ghostly semblance of what it is remembered as by those returning to the region.