Azerbaijani Community of California responds to Burbank, CA

By | Editorial, Republic Underground 

March 6, 2021

Image credit above. Azerbaijani community waves flags, expresses pride in their community at European games: 

“File:Fans with Azerbaijani flags during 2014 European Rhythmic Gymnastics championship.jpg” by Ilgar Jafarov is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Azerbaijani Community of California responds to Burbank’s decision to rescind friendship with Hadrut, Azerbaijan

“This latest move by the nationalist Armenian Dashnak lobby – ANCA – is a significant indicator of the lobby’s desperation. For years, they were raising millions of dollars from the Armenian diaspora, assuring them that the so-called “Nagorno Karabakh Republic” would be recognized as an independent country.

None of this happened. Last fall, when Azerbaijan was liberating its territories from the Armenian occupation, the Armenian lobby was embarrassingly unable to gather any significant political support in the US for Armenia. Now after this tremendous fiasco, the Armenian lobby is doing everything possible, even cheap publicity stunts, to prove their raison d’être.

Asking Burbank to recognize “NKR” again (Burbank did it before a few times already) and cancel its “friendship city” relationship is a prime example of ANCA showing to their donors that “they are working hard”. The irony is, before the 44-day Armenia-Azerbaijan war, when Armenia was still occupying 20 percent of Azerbaijan, ANCA was spending a lot of money and other resources to lure some cities in LA County into establishing useless “friendship city” relationships with cities of Azerbaijan that were under Armenia’s occupation.

Now ANCA is spending a lot of money and other resources to get those “friendships” canceled. We urge ANCA to spend its money and resources to get all other remaining “friendships” canceled too. There are a few of them left. What if ANCA and the rest of the Armenian lobby, who are virulently against Armenia’s peaceful and good-neighborly relations with Azerbaijan and Turkey, and who are pushing Yerevan to another war, would spend at least some of their resources for peace in the region, instead of perpetuating the deadly conflict that has damaged Armenia so much?

Enjoying the beautiful year-around sunshine of San Fernando Valley, while dictating Armenia’s policies vis-a-vis its neighbors, has always been a favorite pastime for the Armenian lobby. Regrettably, some American politicians are catering to this wealthy lobby, parroting their narrative word by word, without any regard to US interests or the international law.”