Azerbaijan Humanitarian Programs For The Conflict Zone

Jim Henderson CC0

By | Charles Nwoke

October 4, 2020

Pictured above, Azerbaijani diaspora living abroad. CCO.

It is no longer news that Azerbaijan has, for so many years, witnessed a series of provocations from the subordinate Armenian settlement that has led to aggressions, attacks, and ultimately the spilling of blood at the disputed boundary. These crises have seriously affected both the political, social and economic development of the beautiful nation. 

The impact of these imbroglio on the Azerbaijanis is indeed quite mind-bugging, with confusion, panic and anxiety noticeable on the faces of every average civilian living in this violence prone zone. Many are displaced, and others have ended up in refugee camps, of which the modern locations are located in Turkey, as was stated in this Hurriyet News opinion piece.

In order to ameliorate the sufferings that Azerbaijani citizens face as a result of disaster, (both man-made like wars, and natural issues such as  fire outbreaks, flood, hurricane, etc.), Azerbaijan Republic established the Ministry of Emergency Situation. The Ministry of Emergency Situation is set up to spearhead disaster management, civilian defence, protection of her citizens, prevention of emergency situations and elimination of the consequences.

To ensure adequate security of her citizens in both peace and war time, the Ministry of Emergency Situations together with the relevant government agencies, in the cities and districts, takes the responsibility of the level of readiness, capacity of collective protection installations,  and shelters. They provide shelters against radiation and basements, effective and qualitative communication and warning systems, utilities, existing infrastructure and communication systems. Agencies operating in the field of transport and health facilities were comprehensively analyzed, and appropriate measures were taken in order to enhance best service delivery at any point in time.

Also, considering the confrontational nature of the military-political leadership of the Republic of Armenia, and the fact that Azerbaijan is at war, the Ministry of Emergency Situations took the necessary measures to ensure sufficient protection of the people living in the frontline. So, an extensive awareness campaign was carried out on the proper safety measures in case of possible enemy attack among the residents of settlements located in the frontline zone and on the line of contact. 

With the aid of other relevant government agencies on ground, the behavioral pattern in case of emergency situations and laws for proper usage of temporary shelters built in the backyards in the hinterland is for protection against the enemy, and fire was instilled in the people. 

Because of this development, the required number of temporary shelters were created in the settlements along the frontline for protection against enemy artillery strikes on her citizens. 

The Ministry of Emergency Situation analyses the state of the communication and warning system in order to warn the people on time about large-scale emergency situations. The ministry works during peacetime as well as during enemy attacks in wartime. Appropriate measures are taken, also employing alternative methods to protect the citizens. 

Some of the affected citizens were relocated to a safer place to ensure adequate protection from unwanted attacks of her rivalry.

To prevent the hunger crisis, the Azerbaijan government has ensured constant supply of food and relief materials to her displaced citizens,  in the various internally displaced persons camps,  as well as those Azerbaijanis living at the frontline zone.

Putting all these measures in place will no doubt go a long way toward sustaining the lives of Azerbaijanis suffering from the man-made disaster confronting them, as they seek for peace. 

If the government can continue this way, no average Azerbaijani will feel the terrible effects of the altercation.