Azerbaijan celebrates International Women’s Day

By | Rachel Brooks

March 8, 2021

Image credit: “IMG_4666_edit” by ppz is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

A wedding in Baku, with dancers in traditional costumes. 

Today marks the annual International Women’s Day, and women from all over the world have celebrated the role of women in their society. Today, the Azerbaijani community was no exception, as they honored the beauty of Azerbaijani traditional women alongside their modern counterparts. 

Azerbaijan’s community was not alone in honoring the women of its society. Rachel Avraham, a renowned Jewish journalist, wrote that, in honor of the occasion, the Economic Peace Center paid tribute to Azerbaijani women. She noted the “staunch alliance” between Azerbaijan and the State of Israel, which is the nation where the Economic Peace Center is headquartered. 

 An independent documentary film by, which debuted via Instagram, highlighted the significance of Azerbaijan’s women’s suffrage as well. The film noted that Azerbaijani women were granted the right to vote in 1919. The film gave praise to the women of Azerbaijan from 1919 to 2021. The film’s highlights included a woman in traditional costume performing a cultural dance. The film likewise showed women as cooks and doctors, caring for children, and keeping a tight ship at the office. It showed women performing at major musical amphitheaters, and performing Olympic feats, hiking, and serving in roles as flight attendants, and within the Azerbaijani military. 

The video ended with the caption “We love you!”. Also, shared the following message with their film: 

“Happy International Women’s day! You are our pride and you are the most powerful women on the planet,” wrote 

Avraham also noted that Azerbaijan boasts of being the first Islamic-majority society to grant women the right to vote. The country has, at present, a female vice president and an additional seven women on its Supreme Court. 

In Avraham’s exclusive interview with Arzu Mamedova, she noted that many of the world’s most prominent “firsts” in women’s history came from Azerbaijan. She stated that the women of yesteryear were the trailblazers for the daughters of Azerbaijan today and that they owe, to the legacy of these brave female pathfinders, their gratitude for the opportunities they have.