Azerbaijan and the Jewish community of America strengthen natural bond

By | Rachel Brooks

March 19, 2021 

In May 2011, Prezentácia publikácie Simon Wiesenthal od Toma Segeva. Presentation of the book Simon Wiesentahl by Tom Segev. The Jewish community of Los Angeles includes the Simon Wiesenthal center, which was one of the Jewish organizations that the Azerbaijani Consul General recently met with.  “Prezentácia publikácie Simon Wiesenthal od Toma Segeva” by Bratislavsky kraj is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Azerbaijan and the international Jewish community enjoy cordial relations. On March 19, AzerNews reported that the Azerbaijani Consul General of Greater Los Angeles held a meeting with the Jewish organizations of Los Angeles’ Jewish community. 

Meetings with the major Jewish communities of America

Azerbaijan’s Los Angeles Consul General has held frequent meetings with the American Jewish community of late. Consul General Nasimi Aghayev has met with the American Jewish Community, Simon Wiesenthal Center, Iranian American Jewish Federation, and others.

In these meetings, Aghayev discussed the importance of building on the strategic relationship between Israel and Azerbaijan. Israel and Azerbaijan have enjoyed strong ties for 30 years since Azerbaijan regained its independence from the Soviet Union.

Azerbaijan eyes smart cities, and Israel might be able to help


The meetings discussed how a continued friendly relationship with Israel was important for water purification, agriculture, the production of solar panels, increased technologies, and so forth.

In Los Angeles, there are approximately 700,000 Jews. This is the largest Jewish community globally outside of Israel and New York. Azerbaijan has enjoyed strong relationships with the global Jewish community, including that of Israel, and its domestic community of Mountain Jews. 


Red Village a natural home of Jews in the Caucasus

The Mountain Jews occupy the Red Village, which is the largest exclusively Jewish community outside of Israel. Jewish editorials and organizations such as The Israel Forever Foundation and Jewish Journal refer to the Red Village as “Jerusalem of the Caucasus.” The Israel Forever Foundation fondly describes the neighborhoods of the Red Village, which is on the outskirts of Quba, near the Gudyalchay River.  The Red Village was founded in 1742, under the reign of Huseynali Khan. The town was originally called the Jewish Village, but the name was changed to Red Village when the township was forced into the Soviet Union. 

Strategic bonds form natural future forward cohesiveness

The National Interest stated on March 19 that Iran has posed an “existential threat” to both Azerbaijan and Israel. The National Interest (via Washington Examiner) reports that both Azerbaijan and Israel have received threats from the IRGC that the regime would “wipe them off the map.” As the two nations brace for the challenge of the IRGC regime, and the security threats presented by IRGC-backed forces, a natural drawing together and future-forward planning of the world Jewish community with the world Azerbaijani community becomes more adhesive and diverse.