Ayan and Irina tackle women’s rights and education

Editorial | Republic Underground 

March 11, 2021 

A replay of Republic Underground’s March 11 live event in which Republic Underground media VP Irina Tsukerman and special guest Ayan Aliyeva discuss women’s rights and education in Azerbaijan. 

This event follows on the heels of International Women’s Day which has been celebrated all over the world. In Azerbaijan, it was an opportunity to celebrate the lifestyles of modern women, as well as the rich tradition of women. International Women’s Day celebrations included dance performances in traditional clothing. 

Women’s rights have been a high-profile conversation in Azerbaijan, as the nation is one of the more proactive feminism and equal rights regions for a Muslim majority. Azerbaijan is a primarily Shia Muslim religious demographic population but has a primarily secular society. As such, it was an early adoption of women’s suffrage. 

Women’s suffrage in Azerbaijan was signed into law on July 21, 1919. In 2019, the Jewish Journal celebrated 100 years of Azerbaijani Women’s suffrage. The report was written by Durdane Agayeva, a prolific commentator on the Jewish Journal, as well as a survivor of the Khojaly massacre. Agayeva’s account of the Khojaly massacre has been featured in such documentary works as Running From the Darkness. 

In her account of women’s suffrage, Agayeva cited Nasimi Aghayev, the Consul General of Azerbaijan. On the 100-year anniversary of Azerbaijani women’s suffrage, Aghayev posted a tribute Twitter thread.

100 years ago today #Azerbaijan became one of the world’s very first nations to grant full #suffrage (right to vote and stand for election) to #women. In terms of voting age limit (20 years) too #Azerbaijan beat majority of the advanced Western democracies. #WomensRights #ODT, ” tweeted Aghayev on July 21, 2019.