Artsakh, the anti-American dream, and the battle within the U.S. over foreign lobby

Photocopy of the letter that alleges ISIS allies of Azerbaijan, and calls the Artsahk subordinate settlement of Armenia an "American story."

Editorial | Republic Underground

The U.S. is beset with polarizing politics. As the State Secretary Mike Pompeo prepares to meet with both the foreign minister of Azerbaijan and the foreign minister of Armenia, opponents of the Trump administration move in the background. On October 20, the U.S. Representative of California’s 32nd Grace Napolitano presented a letter to the 116th Congressional Record. Napolitano alleges in her letter that Artsakh, the subordinate colony of Armenia in the Nagorno-Karabakh that is not recognized by any nation including Armenia, is an “American story.

Napolitano called it “the victory of a free people over foreign rule.” 

Napolitano went on to accuse and allege, before the U.S. Congress, a series of conditions that do not reflect the facts of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict theater. 

“But what matters most today–during an ongoing rain of rockets and bombs on Artsakh civilians by Azerbaijan, Turkey, and their ISIS allies_is that freedom is not just about honoring or enforcing the law…” Napolitano continued, 

“Freedom is the only answer left for Artsakh’s survival.” 

As Rep. Grace Napolitano and the ANCA take the side of the aggressor nation in the volatile South Caucasus conflict, civilians brace for continued ceasefire breaches in Tartar, Azerbaijan. 

Heavy lines are being drawn in U.S. politics, and the Armenian lobby in America is caught directly between them. The United States is two weeks away from the most controversial presidential election campaign in the nation’s history. Between the two parties, the Republicans and the Democrats, lies a gulf of mistrust and chaotic argument dominates the polls. In the middle of this theater, the ANCA lobby takes advantage of America’s divide to publish a propaganda that is far outside the bounds of international law, and undermines international- U.S. law to the point of being provocative. 

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