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Rachel Brooks

Armenia launches new provocations along the whole Nagorno Karabakh front
2.        Armenia refutes its own propaganda regarding Nagorno-Karabakh shellings
3.        Armenian forces fire rockets at the BTC oil pipeline in Azerbaijan
4.        A Jew living in city of Ganja
5.        Interview with Ronald D’Mello of Indian Association Azerbaijan
6.        Statement of the Jewish community in Ganja


7.        How Iran backs Armenia
8.        International players take measures in increasing Armenian

offensive against Azerbaijan
9.        Armenia violates ceasefire shortly after its announcement



10.      Нарушившая договор о перемирии Армения убила

азербайджанских детей в Гяндже
11.      В Баку надеются на благоразумие Еревана
12.      Witnesses of the Armenian occupation
13.      Iran’s brutal crackdown on South Azerbaijani protests against Tehran’s support for Armenia
14.      Никол Пашинян созывает армянских террористов со всего мира

в Нагорный Карабах


15.      Кровавые следы армянского терроризма
16.      Armenia relaunches missile attack on Ganja’s resident areas

New ceasefire discussed as Ganja is bombed by SCUD missiles
18.      Armenia violates newest ceasefire, resumes bombing Aghdam


19.      Armenian exploits desecrated religious sites for propaganda
20.      Armenian forces morale weakened, EU official calls Ganja attacks “inadmissible”
21.      Western biases in news coverage of the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict


22.      Journalists and villagers under attack by Armenian forces, as truce violations continue
23.      A Pro-Western Azerbaijan Deserves American Support | Opinion
24.      Очередное Антре Пашиняна Или О Притязаниях Армении

На Грузинский Край Самцхе-Джавахети


25.      Promised Meeting With U.S. On Friday Raises Speculations About U.S. Mediation,

Tartar Shelling Continues
26.      Armenia Exploits Western Christianity For Propaganda
27.      Azerbaijan Enforces The U.N. Resolutions Of 1993, As Civilian Death Toll Continues To Climb
28.      Comparing Ganja To The Gulf, The Power Of SCUDS Missiles When Used Against Civilians
29.      Armenia Assembly’s Tactics To Block U.S. Funding To Azerbaijan, Promote Occupation
30.      The Renewed Risk Of Azerbaijani IDP Crisis Caused By

The Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict
31.      Pompeo’s Meeting With The Azerbaijani And Armenian Prime Minister Takeaways: Commentary
32.      Shamil Alabarkli: Voices From Around The World
33.      Facts That Dissprove The Human Rights Watch Claims That Azerbaijan

Used Cluster Munitions
34.      Azerbaijani Protesters Subjected To Brutality By Pro-Armenian

Demonstrators At Protest Rallies
35.      Iran Deploys Guard Units To The Azerbaijani Border
36.      Child Soldiers Enlisted By The Armenian National Movement
37.      Освобожденные от армянской оккупации азербайджанские села ждут возвращения вынужденных переселенцев
38.      Azerbaijani Villages Released From Armenian Occupation Are Awaiting The Return Of Forced MITS
39.      Pompeo’s Ceasefire Violated, Commentators Say “Shelling Of Peaceful Cities”

Must End
40.      Параллельные Миры, Крокодиловы Слезы И Хождения С Протянутой Рукой Многострадальных Армянских Мифологов
41.      Reporters Without Borders Defends TV Journalist Hounded After

Nagorno-Karabakh Report
42.      Armenia shells Barda, denies evidence of shelling
43.      Nowhere To Hide For Azeri Refugees
44.      Is Peace Finally Coming To Nagorno-Karabakh?
45.      Shelling Continues In Barda, Despite Armenian Denial And Allegations
46.      Human Rights Watch Acknowledges The Cluster Munitions Attack In Barda
47.      HRW Appears Unphased By Amnesty International’s Armenia Cluster

Munitions Use Report
48.      Civilian In Goranboy Killed, Following A Bloody Week For Non-Combatants
49.      Было Понятно, Что Пашинян Развяжет Военное Противостояние, Чтобы Удержаться У Власти
50.      It Was Clear That Pashinyan Would Unleash A Military Confrontation

In Order To Stay In Power
51.      Smerch Missiles Continue To Hail Upon Civilian Locations, Azerbaijan MOD Destroys The Launch Pads
52.      Ahwazi Leader Handed Over To Iranian Regime, IRGC Seen Active In Nakhchivan
53.      Another Entre Of Pashinyan—On Armenia’s Claims To The Georgian Region Of Samtre-Javakheti


54.      ASALA Revival Suspected In Nagorno-Karabakh Warfront
55.      Increased Worries Over The Internationalization Of The Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict


56.      Interview With The Chairman Of The Albanian-Udi Christian Religious Community Of The Republic Of Azerbaijan


57.      From The South Caucasus To The World Community: What The Deepening Conflict Promises?
58.      Military Shortages In Armenia Cause Irregular Enlistment And Proxy Group Presence


59.      Victory Rhetoric Strong In Armenia And MSM, But More Journalists Contradict It
60.      Stall In U.S. Elections Complicate Cash Flow And Lobby Of Armenia’s “Artsakh” Campaign In The West
61.      A Keyhole To Peace Opens As Azerbaijani Military Takes Back Nagorno-Karabakh


62.      Teenager Counted Among Barda’s Dead, Further Investigation Into Armenian War Crimes
63.      Armenian Vandalsim Of Azerbaijani Culture Called Out As War Crime Investigation Prompted
64.      Grand Celebrations As Shusha Is Liberated By Azerbaijani Forces
65.      Расим Бабаев: “Предавшая Россию Армения Просит У Путина Защиты От Азербайджана”
66.      Questions Regarding Post-Conflict Normalization Process As Azerbaijan Regains Territory


67.      Chaos And Anti-Surrender Protests Erupt In Yerevan Following Armenian Surrender
68.      With The Russian Mitigated Ceasefire, Not All Is As It Seems For The Normalization Process
69.      Расим Бабаев: “Предавшая Россию Армения Просит У Путина Защиты От Азербайджана”
70.      Criticism As The French Appear Biased To Armenian Rhetoric


71.      U.S. Sanctions Against Russia And Iran, And Their Role In Caucasus Geopolitics
72.      Criticism As The French Appear Biased To Armenian Rhetoric


73.      Rasim BabayevАмулсар – Еще Одно Предательство Пашиняном Российских Интересов




Rachel Brooks

Russia Occupation Strategy In Armenia Part Of Larger Foreign Regional Control Strategy
75.      Антироссийский Демарш В Страсбурге
76.      Pashinyan’s Damage Control, Extremist Response, As Armenians Burn Their Houses And Leave Azerbaijan


77.      France’s Foreign Policy Ambition And Geopolitical Restructure


78.      Azerbaijan’s Victory Opens The Door To A More Proactive Role For Azerbaijan In The Caucasus


79.      Rasim BabayevРуководству Армении Важно Осознать Преимущества Мирного Сосуществования С Соседними Государствами
80.      Rachel BrooksU.S. Calls On Minsk Group For Lasting Solution, As Questions Of Its Efficacy Continue


81.      Rachel BrooksLettre au ministre, “La véritable hystérie anti-azerbaïdjanaise”
82.      Irina TsukermanA Pro-Western Azerbaijan Deserves American Support Reports













Rachel Avraham

Israel’s interests lie in supporting Azerbaijan, not in staying neutral


84.      Azerbaijani Jewish Community in Fear


85.      How Iran’s Support for Armenia Threatens America’s Interests


86.      America’s Interests in the Caucasus
87.      Should the world avoid recognizing Nagorno-Karabakh as independent entity?


88.      Human Rights Watch Biased Coverage Exposed


89.      Has Armenia Resurrected a Terror Group?


90.      Praying For Azerbaijan
91.      The Attacks upon Journalists Must End
92.      Israel-Azerbaijan relations likely to improve following Abraham Accords
93.      Does Armenia Pose a Threat to The State of Israel?
94.      The hypocrisy of the International Criminal Court
95.      The Armenian Diaspora and Israel’s National Interest
96.      Why The Struggle Over Nagorno-Karabakh Is Not A Religious War
97.       Why I Continue to Support Azerbaijan
98.       Official website of the President of the Republic of AzerbaijanSite for reference, in 3 languages
99.       AzertagSite for reference, published in 8 languages
100.    Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of AzerbaijanSite for reference
101.    Ministry of Defence of the Republic of AzerbaijanSite for reference
102.    Ministry of Culture of the Republic of AzerbaijanSite for reference
103.    State Committee for Affairs Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons of the Republic of AzerbaijanSite for reference
104.    State Committee on Work with Diaspora of the Republic of AzerbaijanSite for reference
105.    Day.azSite for reference, published in 2 languages
106.    Dilqam IsmailovHistory of Azerbaijan