Art critic from Zangilan in Oman: “… They created a big conservatory in Shusha”

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November 21, 2020

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Art critic from Zangilan in Oman: “… They created a big conservatory in Shusha”

“The contributions of our ancestral land to Azerbaijani culture continue”

“Of course, as a musician, I’m ready to do anything.”

“It is a pity that my grandfather died as an IDP. But my father will be able to return there.”

44 days … Books will be written, films will be made about these 44 days. Each of us, without realizing it, left so many 44 days behind… Over the past month, the hearts of Azerbaijanis around the world have been beating together. Everyone had the same dream, or rather the same goal – to visit the long-awaited lands of Karabakh as soon as possible. This is no longer a dream. Our successful diplomacy and powerful army have made it a reality. Hoping to meet in Shusha at the first opportunity …

As we have said, these days the eyes and ears of not only those living in Azerbaijan but also our compatriots all over the world were on the road. Now their hearts are at peace. Maybe those citizens will make their first visit to Karabakh when they return to their homeland…

Our compatriot living in the Sultanate of Oman, a teacher at Sultan Qaboos University, Doctor of Philosophy in Art Vusala Yusif Amirbayova shared her feelings with

As a cultural figure and art critic, your ideas are interesting. In what cases can a catastrophic war be considered acceptable?

In the current situation, the war was inevitable. As Mr. President, Supreme Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev has repeatedly said, we could not reconcile with the constant occupation. Although we worked for peace for many years, it did not work.

Therefore, finally, on September 27, after a decent response to the next provocation of the enemy, we launched a counter-offensive. It was a decision made on the spot. We won with the political will of our President and the determination of our army. I congratulate everyone, Azerbaijanis all over the world, on this occasion. It is a great happiness to be a representative of the victorious people. 

In recent weeks, there were many supporters of the “no war” campaign. What do you want to tell them?

It seems from the speeches and shares on social networks that more than half of our people were politicians and historians. However, it would be better if everyone worked in their field and helped to find a common solution. Of course, no one wants a war. Everyone knows how peaceful we are. Even the reason for the current difficulties is our humanism.

It is known from history that Armenians settled in Karabakh 200 hundred years ago through political resettlement. They later said that they were an ethnic nation. I always protested against the “no war” campaign on social networks.

Because the enemy would never be close to peace. They did not even intend to return 5 districts peacefully. The strong concrete fortifications built in our regions are proof of this.

The war was both the last and the only effective option. Unfortunately, the war is not without casualties. But let’s not forget that the martyrs did not die and the country was not divided. I kiss the hands of the mothers of martyrs.

As far as we know, your father is originally from Zangilan. How did the news of the liberation of this city make you feel?

Yes, Zangilan is my ancestral land. We were very happy to receive the news of the liberation of Zangilan on October 20. Two days later, on October 22, it was my birthday. On that date, our village was “cleaned” from the invaders. Our joy was unbounded. It is a pity that my grandfather died as an IDP. But my father will be able to return there.

My children will see the lands of their ancestors. This is very gratifying. The bravery and heroism of our soldiers gave me this city. Honestly, I did not expect our district to be liberated so soon. Although I knew it was a drop in the ocean, I have repeatedly participated in campaigns to support our army and tried to help as much as I could.

As you know, Shusha has already been liberated. Let’s hear from you about Shusha’s contribution to our culture and music.

Yes, we were very happy with the news we received on November 8. Shusha is the conservatory of the East. This city has given great thinkers, musicians, and writers not only to Azerbaijan but to the whole world. Hajibeyli brothers, Bulbul, Suleyman Alasgarov, and others are among them.

That is, Shusha is a cultural center. I know that now Uzeyir Bey’s soul is happy. I wish music festivals to be held in the cradle of mugam in the near future. Hopefully, they have established a large conservatory in Shusha. The contributions of our ancestral land to Azerbaijani culture continue. Of course, as a musician, I am happy to put my hand under the stone, as they say.

What is the attitude to the processes in Oman?

-Although everyone here is aware of the processes, portals and sites did not write anything. However, people I knew, including my colleagues and students, said they supported Azerbaijan’s just position. In my turn, I tried to share the truth about the violations of international law by Armenians and the vandalism committed by them. Of course, it is very important to take such steps now.

As you know, the situation in Armenia is complicated. Pashinyan does not know what to do. How can this situation be explained in the language of music?

Yes, the Armenian Prime Minister was completely defeated. His political incompetence, inability to express himself properly, lack of language skills have been repeatedly demonstrated, especially in dialogues with Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev.

We can be proud that we have a head of state like Ilham Aliyev. Therefore, we are very lucky. As for Pashinyan’s situation, the famous song, which began with the words “You were going lay a road…” in the movie “Ogey ana”, is fully in line with the current situation.

Perhaps the Prime Minister would not be so ashamed if he returned our lands peacefully in time. Apparently, he mistook the Azerbaijani army for the 90s.

He proved to be a wrong political figure. After that, Pashinyan can only mourn.