Armenian vandalsim of Azerbaijani culture called out as war crime investigation prompted

Cows in an Azerbaijani mosque.

By | Rachel Brooks

November 7, 2020 

Above, local image of cows  kept in an Azerbaijani mosque shows the disregard of human religious rights Armenian forces have shown to Azerbaijan. 

The world begins to recognize the Armenian offensive against Azerbaijan as illegitimate, as glaring war crimes in Ganja and Barda were covered by The New York Times, Human Rights Watch, and Amnesty International. As the world inquiry into war crimes allegations receives further backing, Azerbaijani also sounds an outcry regarding the desecration of Azerbaijani cultural sites. These include sacred places, such as ancient mosques. The people of Azerbaijan are of primarily Turkic ethnicity, with a Muslim majority, but also include people of Jewish and diverse ethnic heritage. The religious influences of Azerbaijan include Christian churches dating back to the Caucasian Albanian era as well as Jewish synagogues. 

Desecration of mosque over time.

Locals report that during Armenian occupation villages of the Gubadli district saw their mosques heavily desecrated. The Gubadli district has recently been de-occupied. Locals shared before and after photographic evidence of a particular mosque in Mamar village that had its roof completely removed. 

The desecration of local sacred sites goes beyond the destruction of the edifices themselves. Haris Alisic, a public speaker, shared footage from TRT World of a mosque in the zone previously occupied by Armenian forces that had been turned into a pigpen. In the Islamic tradition, this is an extreme desecration of a sacred site as well as an extreme affront to the culture of the people the mosque belonged to.  

“One of the mosques in areas occupied by Armenia that was turned into a pigpen. What a democratic and inclusive society. It has now been liberated by #Azerbaijan,” tweeted Alisic. 


There is also photographic evidence to corroborate the TRT footage of the pigpen transformed mosque. 

Additional photographs showed that the mosques had likewise been used to hold large livestock animals including cows. 

By contrast, in Baku, Azerbaijan, there is a local Armenian Christian church that remains untouched by the locals of the city. 

Additional video footage of the desecrated mosques appeared on U.S. Azeris Network. The U.S. Azeris Network condemned the desecration of the site and called on the western press to make a note of it. 

Locals have stated that the footage is from a mosque site in Zangilan, Azerbaijan. 

“World saw what Armenians did to mosques in Aghdam & Shusha (& some wrote about their destruction of mosques in Armenia itself). 

Now see the mosque in Zangilan – where once again Armenian occupiers were keeping pigs. Will we hear the “independent” journalists?,” tweeted U.S. Azeris Network. 

Pigs kept in an Azerbaijani mosque.

ANCA, the Armenian lobby of the United States, did weigh in on religious desecration and the abuse of faiths on July 2, but with regards to Turkey’s government’s decision about transferring the status of the Hagia Sophia. 

“Holy sites of any and all faiths should be respected, preserved, and operated as places of worship within the faith tradition in which they were built and consecrated,” @ANCA_DC Executive Director Aram Hamparian told @Asbarez Thursday,” tweeted ANCA on July 2, in a statement that contradicted the treatment of Azerbaijani mosques.