Armenia violating ceasefire agreement killed Azerbaijani children in Ganja–from Politrus

A woman cries out in despair as Ganja reels from recent shelling.

This article originally appeared in the Russian-language publication Politirus. The original article is available here.

Original article appeared in Russian Language and was written by Rasim Babaev.

Above image appeared on Azerbaijani social media accounts in the immediate wake of the Ganja shellings. Fair use.

October 13, 2020

Original publication date October 10

Armenia violating the ceasefire agreement killed Azerbaijani children in Ganja

(Rasim Babaev, journalist)

This image of Rasim Babev appeared in the original article.

At a trilateral meeting in Moscow on October 10, an agreement was reached between the foreign ministers of Russia, Azerbaijan, and Armenia on a ceasefire for humanitarian purposes: exchange of prisoners of war, exchange of bodies of dead soldiers.

And how did it all end? The Armenian Armed Forces continued shelling the Azerbaijani positions. Moreover, an Azerbaijani ambulance brigade, which was going to help the Armenians with the exchange of bodies of dead soldiers, was fired upon, and a white flag was flown in the ambulance car.

But what is the most terrible and not subject to any justification? Armenian troops shelled the Azerbaijani city of Ganja, in violation of the conventions on non-aggression against peaceful cities and civilians during the war.

As a result of this illegal attack, carried out from the territory of Armenia at about 2 am on October 11, 9 civilians were killed and 34 civilians were injured, including many women and children.

The Armenian side also regularly fires at cities and other settlements of Azerbaijan, which are not located in the Azerbaijani territories occupied by Yerevan, that is, they are located OUTSIDE the combat zone. Including Mingachevir, where the Mingachevir hydroelectric power station is located, is seriously threatened.

“During the intensive shelling of the Armenian Armed Forces of the cities and regions of Azerbaijan from September 27 to October 11 (at 13:00), 41 civilians were killed, the number of injured was 205 people, the number of buildings that became unusable was 1,165, the number of apartment buildings that became unusable – 57, the number of damaged civilian objects – 146 “, – reports the General Prosecutor’s Office of Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijani soldiers are fighting with Armenian soldiers illegally located in the Azerbaijani territories occupied by Yerevan.

Azerbaijani soldiers, unlike Armenian ones, do not shoot at peaceful settlements and civilians.

The counter-offensive of the Azerbaijan Army takes place on the territory of Azerbaijan and aims to restore the lands occupied by Armenia for 30 years.

The confrontation between the Azerbaijani and Armenian Armed Forces is taking place on the territory of Azerbaijan.

Artillery shelling of peaceful Azerbaijani cities and, accordingly, peaceful civilians – women, old people, and CHILDREN are being conducted from the territory of Armenia. The Azerbaijani Armed Forces do not shoot at the territory of Armenia.

Baku adheres to the peaceful variant of the settlement of the Armenian-Azerbaijani Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and for 30 years unsuccessfully urged Yerevan to withdraw its troops from the occupied territories.

Azerbaijan is fighting for the restoration of its territorial integrity and for its sovereignty.

Armenian troops should be withdrawn from the occupied territories of Azerbaijan, as required by the resolutions of the United Nations Security Council.

In Yerevan, they call on Armenians from all over the world to come and fight against Azerbaijan. At the same time, the Armenian side asks Tehran not to let the Azerbaijani population living in Iran across the Araz (Araks) River into the combat zone in order to support the Azerbaijani Armed Forces.

Armenia seeks to present the conflict around Nagorno-Karabakh to the world community as a religious confrontation, which is fundamentally untrue.

Azerbaijan is a tolerant state, where representatives of different peoples and religious confessions, including Muslims, Christians, and Jews, live in peace and harmony with each other. All these years, 30 thousand Armenians have been living in Azerbaijan.

Representatives of the Armenian community of the Nagorno-Karabakh region of the Republic of Azerbaijan are also citizens of Azerbaijan and will be able to live in peace in the region under the conditions of the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.

We DO NOT need foreign lands. We wish the restoration of OUR territorial integrity and the validity of the provisions of the Constitution of the country throughout the territory of Azerbaijan.