Armenia refutes its own propaganda regarding Nagorno-Karabakh shellings

Eva Rinaldi - Flickr CC BY SA 2.0Armenia has used prominent voices of its diaspora, such as Kim Kardashian-West, to further its information warfare.

By | Rachel Brooks

October 6, 2020

This is a developing story.

Above image created by Eva Rinaldi – Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0

Armenia reveals its information warfare against Azerbaijan in a recently-leaked televised appearance  by Armenian the Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan’s Chief Adviser Vagharshak Harutyunyan. These Armenian-language televised appearances were shared to English-language social media on the afternoon of October 6.

In this supercut clip, Harutyunyan reveals that Armenia deliberately strategizes bombing non-conflict direct locations of Azerbaijan. The clip appeared on a local Armenian broadcast channel originally. 

“In the case that shelling to the cities of Karabakh continues, we will resume bombing to the positions of the opposite side,’ said Harutyunyan in one clip. 

“We will strike the artillery of the enemy, disabling their air defense system. Later on, we will strike civil objects to create panic,” said Harutyunyan in another clip. In the second clip, Armenian official admission of strategy positioned the nation as the aggressor in the conflict that has frequently been shrouded in a gauze of confusion for the West. 

The release of the video clips sparked outrage among responders. 

“So much for the theory that these war crimes were in retaliation for alleged attacks on Armenian civilians by Baku,” said security analyst Irina Tsukerman. 

Tsukerman also noted that Armenia had exposed its own information warfare intentions without force, expressing “evil intent” for their regional counterpart in the most blatant manner possible. 

Despite this public admission on live broadcast by one of its highest officials, Armenia continues to propagate theories that it is the victim of an onslaught attack from Azerbaijan. The Armenian Unified Infocenter, part of the Armenian government, released a statement on October 5 that detailed supposed Azerbaijani aggression against Armenian civilians. 

“Since the very first day of the aggression unleashed by Azerbaijan, the Azerbaijani Armed Forces have been targeting the settlements and civilian infrastructures of the Republic of Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh,” the AUI alleged via a tweet from the organization’s official Twitter account. 

In the wake of this outcry from Armenia, world voices, such as the Armenian celebrity Kim Kardashian-West have lended their influence to the propaganda machine, denouncing Azerbaijani self-defense in the region.Celebrities such as Kardashian-West have vocally pursued the power of the Western media outlets to secure lobby and financial support for Armenia’s settlement claims. 

Kardashian-West has actively used her social media to promote the “global humanitarian efforts” of the Armenia Fund fundraiser hosted by UCLA optimist Eric Esrailian.

This campaign to promote “global humanitarian efforts” soars on social media along with cries from Armenians to “take back their country” despite the fact that Armenia has openly admitted to being the aggressor in the conflict, as well as the fact that the Armenian-settlement in the Nagorno-Karabakh region, known as Artsakh internationally, is not recognized by international law as a sovereign nation.

Despite the rhetoric from Armenia that Armenia fights to reclaim homelands for its nationals, Artsakh is not recognized by Armenia proper either, but is rather a subordinate of the Armenian government, with its own unicameral government financially absorbed therein. 

 In the wake of the celebrity rhetoric, Azerbaijani took to their social media to make their voices heard above the din of self-defeating propaganda. 

“Celebrities all over the world pls before you support Armenia open google and search Khojaly tragedy ,i am sure you will change your position in this case.

#Don’t Believe Armenia #don’t support terror #StopArmenianAggression,” was one of the many comments to surface in response to the self-refuted Armenian rhetoric. 

Likewise, in direct response to both Kardashian-West and Esralian, an Azerbaijani twitter user noted that a BBC presenter had reported the United Nation’s report against Armenia, demanding Armenian unequivocal withdrawal from Azerbaijan, and considering the Armenian offensive as the “oppressor” of the conflict. Despite the fact that this comment is publicly visible to the West, the Western media likewise persists with backing the Armenian angle of the narrative. 

The tweet was referring to the BBC HardTalk host Stephen Sackur’s broadcast in which the journalist “humiliated” the Armenian prime minister, stating directly that he was not, as he claimed, “a peacemaker.” The incident between the BBC presenter and the Armenian Prime Minister was reaired on the Yeni Safak show

“Prime Minister, we cannot go through thousands of years of your history,” stated Sackur, in the middle of a live interview with Prime Minister Pashinyan, who is seen to visibly shut down at being confronted by the British tv journalist. 

“What we can do is address the realities of today. The UN General Assembly, as you well know, has adopted a resolution which quite clearly quote ‘demands the immediate, complete, unconditional withdrawal of all Armenian forces from the occupied territories of the Republic of Azerbaijan.’” stated Sackur, all while the prime minister attempted to interrupt him.

The broadcast with Sackur aired on August 14, over a month before the Armenian prime minister proceeded with both propaganda and his offensive in Azerbaijan all the same.