Anti-Semitism policy of Armenians – Commentary by Kanan Hamzaoglu

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By| Kanan Hamzaoglu

November 18, 2020 

Mutual friendship and cooperation between Israel and Azerbaijan are rooted in ancient history. The peoples of Israel and Azerbaijan have demonstrated to the world an example of coexistence based on mutual understanding and tolerance in the most difficult moments of history. Judaism has historically been represented in Azerbaijan by mountain Jews. According to Albanian historian Moisey Kalankatukluç, the arrival of Jews in the Caucasus dates back to the first century BC. The settlement of European Jews in Azerbaijan dates back to the early twentieth century. At present, Azerbaijan is ahead of other Caucasian countries in terms of the Jewish population.

Today, Armenia is undoubtedly the state most concerned about the close friendly relations and historical ties between Israel and Azerbaijan. However, both Azerbaijani and Jews are condemned, criticized, and even insulted in Armenian domestic and diaspora publications.

Armenian anti-Semitism persecuted Jews not only in different countries of the world but also in Azerbaijan. From March 30 to April 2, 1918, during the massacres against the local population of Baku province under the leadership of Stepan Shaumyan, 3,000 civilians were killed with special cruelty. This is confirmed by the official correspondence and historical documents of that period, as well as the mass graveyard discovered during the renovation of the Guba city stadium in 2007. During the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, the terrorist attack on members of the Israeli Olympic National Team “Black September” organization has close allied relations with the Armenian terrorist organization “ASALA” and this terrorist organization periodically threatens the Israeli government

In 1998, Armenian politician Igor Muradyan called Jews the cause of ethnic conflict, Roman Yepiksoposyan’s book which was written in 2002, “The National System” called Jews and Turks the main enemies of Armenians, and the Holocaust’s claim that the Holocaust was an attempt to discredit the Aryan race. , Armenian Arian Party leader Armen Avetsia declared Israeli ambassador Rivka Cohen “persona non grata” for not recognizing the Armenian genocide, and a program on Tigran Karapetyan’s channel in 2004 claimed that the perpetrators of the so-called Armenian genocide were Jews.

Hranoush Karatyan, chairman of the Department of Ethnic and Religious Minorities, claims that Jews insulted members of other religions during the Sabbath, the destruction of the Holocaust monument in Yerevan in 2007 and the installation of a swastika on the monument are anti-Semitic in Armenia. This indicates the existence of herds and that they have a fairly large mass.

Despite all this, Armenia’s jealousy of Israeli-Azerbaijani relations is just ridiculous. The relations between Israel and Azerbaijan serve to strengthen peace and stability in the world and the region. These friendly and allied relations have historically been and will continue to grow!