ANAMA deminer speaks at Azerbaijani Diaspora Youth conference

Media events | Republic Underground, Timberwolf-Phoenix LLC

May 1, 2021

The Azerbaijani Diaspora Youth organization held a conference on the continued prominent issue of landmines in Azerbaijan on April 24. Irina Tsukerman, media vice president for Timberwolf-Phoenix LLC was in attendance. The conference was entitled “Landmine free Azerbaijan:post-conflict perspectives.” The conference drew special attention to the problems of landmines left behind in the wake of the 30-year conflict in the Karabakh.

“Our first panelist, Asaf Khudiyev , is the agency ANAMA. While he was on duty he was hit by a landmine,” said the moderator.

Asaf Khudiyev speaks begins speaking at the 1:45 minute marker.


Khudiyev described some briefly his life experience with the First Karabakh war, schooling in the Horadiz region, and settling as an IDP. He described his childhood and the shared sadness he felt as Karabakh Azerbaijanis were “expelled from the homeland.”

“It is very difficult to describe the life of IDPs,” he said.
He noted how he was a victim of one of the antipersonnel mines of the region, and described how the Karabakh had been under Armenian occupation for 30 years.


“I worked as a deminer at ANAMA, Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Action,” he stated and explained the essential functions of ANAMA.

“Our main goal is to protect the people of Azerbaijan and its future from the mine trap set by our enemies. We are citizens of Azerbaijan and it was our duty to ensure the security of our state,” he said.

He also noted the injuries that have resulted from the work of the ANAMA agency as it seeks to amend the crisis issues of the landmine deposits.

“Many ANAMA employees, including me, lost our limbs,” he noted, describing how he lost his left leg. Khudiyev was hit in a landmine during the evacuation of Fizuli.

“One of them was wounded, and the other had died,” he mentioned describing the circumstances of contact with the mine. An official statement was released by ANAMA on November 14, 2020, see above.

“The war is over, but Armenia doesn’t want to give maps of the landmines. It is a fact that hundreds of civilians became victims of the landmines,” he stated, noting that the use of landmines violates many international regulations, constituting war crimes.

He called on the international community to demand Armenia hand over the maps to Azerbaijan so that the landmines could be cleared with minimal casualties. He called on the international community to understand what is at stake if this is not done, and thanked the panel for their attention.