About the hero Suleyman Garayev


Editorial | Republic Underground 

Submitted by loved ones of Suleyman Garayev, in memory.

February 4, 2021


Suleyman Garayev Albaghish oghlu was born on 03.07.1995 in the village of Galaghayin of the district of Sabirabad.

As a child, he had his first bicycle in the village, and he taught his sisters and the neighbors’ children to ride bicycles with such enthusiasm and patience that … From childhood, it became clear that he was very kind.


That is, when he learned some game, he gathered the children and played this game with them. When someone lost a game, he encouraged the child to win another time. He had a wonderful childhood and was a cheerful person.

He loved football, this was the game he played the most. He was a fan of Karabakh, Galatasaray, and Barcelona. His mother did not let him play football not to get tired, but he told his mother that he did not play football, he was just a goalkeeper. But he played football.


In 2001 he entered the school of the village of Galaghain named after Ali Gurbanov, Sabirabad region. He received his primary education at this school. Then he studied at school # 1 named after Mirza Alakpar Sabir. In 2012 he graduated from high school with good grades. He knew mathematics very well, so he took part in the mathematics Olympiads, won 1st and 3rd places in the Olympiads. He was an excellent pupil in the class.



In 2012, he was admitted to the Faculty of Accounting and Auditing of the Azerbaijan State Economic University with 405 points. Graduated in 2016. He was also very active and successful at the university.

He was chosen by the group spokesman as the most active and well-read member of the group.

He was also chairing the trade union at the faculty.He knew English and Russian.


In 2017-2018, he worked as an accountant at the MKT cotton factory in the Sabirabad region, in 2018-2020 as an accountant in the Sabirabad branch of Azersun.

He was well versed in Microsoft office software as well as C1 accounting software.



Married in 2017…

Has two sons. The eldest son Akbar is two years and seven months old, and the younger son Hasan is four months old. He saw the face of his young son simply once and went to military training when he was 3 days.


On September 21, 2020, he joined the military training I district of Aghjabadi.

They were at the post between Agjabadi and Aghdam, and when he spoke to his father on the phone, he said that the Armenian mercenaries were attacking Agjabadi, but they prevented this attack.

When he prevented these attacks, he was killed on 7 October 2020 in the village of Kiyamaddinli, Agjabedi region.

Buried in the village of Galagain, Sabirabad region, where he was born.

By the order of the President, posthumously was awarded the medal “For the Motherland”.