A conversation with Sumaya Almeer, Women’s Roundtable

Editorial  | Republic Underground 

March 30, 2021 

Today, at 1 pm Eastern Standard Time (8 pm Bahrain) join Republic Underground, with host Irina Tsukerman, in conversation with Sumaya Almeer. Almeer is the Secretary-General of King Hamad Global Centre Bahrain.’

To stream, this event live visit our Facebook at Republic Underground News. 

Sumaya Almeer has a strong presence as a voice for human rights, stating on Russian media network Моя Столица such messages as “Love and Mercy are the basis of religion.” Almeer’s appointment was praised by the head of the Iraqi Private Banking Association Wadih Nouri Al-Handal, see Dinar Daily News. 

In March, Republic Underground hosted a series of discussions with inspiring women. As that month draws to a close, Republic Underground is honored with this prominent guest.