13 Tons of Human Hair

by Faisal AlShammeri

U.S. Customs and Border Protection at the Port of New York/Newark last month made a macabre discovery of 13 tons of human hair. The hair came from Lop County Meixin Hair Product Co. Ltd., which is located in the Xinjiang Region. It is known to the world that this region is where an intense government crackdown directed against Muslims, the Uighurs, who are ethnic and religious minorities within China. Port officials and U.S. government counterparts, and others, strongly suspect that this was the byproduct of “forced labor products.”

From an intellectual and academic point-of-view it is somewhat odd that the attention being paid to the rights of minorities and symbols of societal grievance that not one mention of 13 tons of human hair can even make a ripple in the conventional circles. Which bodes ominously if this is the moral foundation of today’s political, economic, intellectual and academic leaders. The last time it was known that a Nation-State was deliberately using the hair of its inmate population that country was National Socialist Germany in World War II. So it is indeed rare that truly legitimate comparisons to the genocides of Europe can be made with intellectual honesty. And when it does you are in the domains of the tyrants.

The AP, among a few others, has been able to confirm and expose what amounts to a deliberate state-sponsored policy of genocide against ethnic minorities of Muslim faith. Forced abortions, mass forced sterilization, intrauterine contraceptive devices, rape, and other “policies” have been aggressively implemented with a ruthless energy and unrelenting savagery. The recent seizure is not the first time this has happened this year. In May, U.S. Customs & Border Patrol also made a similar seizure from a company called Hetian Hamlin Hair Accessories Co., Ltd. It too was located in Xinjiang.

Besides the obvious human rights issues what does this say about Chinese supply lines? After blatant intellectual theft taking place over decades, a massive labor force that drifts back and forth over the lines of forced labor, and this. Are athletic shoes really that important that we would shut our eyes to this for material benefit? For the right cause wouldn’t it not be altogether that unfathomable a proposition if t-shirt sales suffered or perhaps became more expensive? Or if globally traded shares of multinationals took a slight decline while the world found more humane conditions for commerce where everyone truly benefits?

And all of this takes place in the death of U.S. Citizen George Floyd. To be blunt, you go to jail for doing that to a cat or dog. Minneapolis brought a multi-faceted conversation to the table. In essence the subjects emerge from the foundation of human rights for all. And yet we have hardly heard his name mentioned or the 3 lives lost in Seattle. Those committing violent acts in the guise of free speech are using the same tactics as those who imprison Muslims in Xinjiang: acts of aggression with the use of fear to force people to do things against their will out of the feat that something far worse will happen is at evil as it gets. That is the core tenet of communism. Free markets, where free individuals contribute to the economy out of their own free will is the only way humane societies can operate. Only sadists and power hungry megalomaniacs seek to destroy or replace these societies.

The test of policy is how it ends, not how it begins. So what is the end game for the Chinese Communist Party, Xi, and Xinjiang? Wherever there is a double standard there also lies a hidden agenda. And here lies the quintessential element of all Communists: lying. The bigger and better the fabricator, the higher they get promoted. National Socialist Germany did not stop with hair, which was collected to make stuffing for the mattresses of the U-Boat fleet. Soap too was made. Clothing gathered, family memorabilia was destroyed, and all signs of religious and ethnic minorities were to be blasted, indeed purged from the very face of the Earth, never to return. Is this too happening to the Muslims of Xinjiang?

Stealing hair from citizens that were forced into prisons is lower and low. But what’s next? The Falun Gong have their organs harvested. Will this transpire too? Is it already happening in pursuant to political objectives of the CCP and Nation-State? It is utterly repulsive that in today’s world that political, economic, academic and intellectual leaders have remained silent to these developments. And it is regrettable that in conventional mainstream thought that even with these known evil characteristics Beijing is considered “winning” or “ascendant” in the global order.

There can be no further indictment of today’s world than the irrefutable proof of absence regarding that key base alloy of intellectual honesty. As awful as George Floyd’s death was, there were cameras there, trials will be held, and verdicts announced. And there has been a public discussion that has transpired since. The world should fight for those souls who provided 13 tons of human hair as well. Just imagine if there were cameras in Xinjiang. What would we see? Although the case focuses on Rohingya, Gambia took a courageous step in publicly asking for an inquiry into state-sponsored campaign of murder against ethnic and religious minorities in Beijing-allied Burma. They should be thoroughly and strongly applauded. Far more powerful nations declined to show the courage that Gambia did. Yet they rose and had their voice accounted for. Will the world? Will anyone do so for Xinjiang? Or is it doomed to be a Muslim version of Tibet? The Washington Post has as its motto “Democracy Dies in Darkness.” This is historically true. It also dies in public sometimes too. Many other things do as well. And they deserve the dignity to be heard.