‏European scene and its implications ‏On the situation in Libya and the Middle East

by Ahmed Elahgal

Mr. Elahgal a member of the political
work team of Dr. Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi, and media adviser.

‏The political and governance crises and the accompanying pressures facing the European Union seem to be a celebration in 2020 until their effects extend to North Africa, especially Libya, where Europe lives in a crisis situation in Germany, France, Britain, Italy, Spain, Belgium and Greece and to a lesser extent In Sweden and Denmark, due to the pressures facing the political equation that framed European political life in the post-World War II world.

‏It has done this equation on a mixture of polarization and harmony between the traditional right and left, each of which represents clearly defined social classes that correspond to the party on a formula that combines capitalism and the welfare state, and they differ on the relative role of each.

‏However, the success of this formula in the previous decades produced the pressures that Europe faces today if the improvement in health services leads to an increase in the proportion of elderly people and an increase in the burdens borne by the state. Is this reason related to the death of the elderly due to the Corona virus? It will remain just a question we are looking for an answer that the future may release.

‏At the same time, global competition and the expansion of the services economy have caused the erosion of the working class and the expansion of the middle classes by joining additional groups. The social situation and the guarantees that suit it have not yet been secured.
‏The extreme disparity between the European Union countries, especially after Britain’s exit, an approach that strengthened the lack of a unified European vision to export regional risks in light of the worsening situation in Libya and Turkey’s presence in the Libyan arena through the portal of the National Accord government poses a threat to Europe by Turkey seeking to enter the Union from During control of Europe’s source of oil and gas energy to subject them to their unlimited desires …
‏This may happen as a result and the quality of a European gap, as you see European groups increasing in number, especially in Italy and France in both the European project and globalization, as it considers it a trap that cannot be escaped and problems cannot be solved in its framework if you see the countries of the south and east of the European that the problem It lies in Germany’s dominance and its tendency to take individual decisions on the issue of immigration and the fact that the euro is designed and needs Berlin and to facilitate the mechanisms of work of the German economy while hampering the mechanisms of other economies.
‏While Germany views the southern European countries as a reckless and wasteful want the Germans to pay bills to save the trouble of restructuring.
‏In light of the growing leadership impasse between Germany and France, it reinforces the possibility of it not reaching an agreement to restore vitality to private Europe in light of the coldness and coldness of the relationship between the major European countries Germany France Italy, and this comes because of the difference in interests such as what is happening between France and Italy through their struggle in Libya, through Total and ENI, and due to a crisis of confidence among the rulers of Europe, therefore all its movements remain limited in influence in the international political scene and the need of each country for an alliance outside the union to support it to take its interests …
‏Where France and Poland rushed to take advantage of the US incompatibility to achieve self-gains at the expense of Germany.

‏All these indications confirm that a Russian and Turkish role in creating crises within or near Europe is not excluded, especially with regard to trade, which I expect will produce more times as the Russian side has an escalating role as its default interests in North Africa do not come out with three interests related to energy and the use of the region as an arena. To manage the process of going up and moving and economic interests, the Russian employment in North Africa comes as an important square alongside other arenas to track the Russian rise and the ongoing transition in the global system in the first order.

But despite that, he clashed with the Turkish glove, which does not know how long his vision will be long because Russia has a long breath and does not speak and does not tire in exchange for a double effort to achieve its strategic goals while not neglecting to take Russia as a terminal through which gas crosses to Europe, such as the Turkish torrent line that is By implementing Gas Broome, which may offer future gas transportation through Syria to block the road to Qatar, the largest gas source in the Arab region, which it uses from its money to support the organization of the Muslim Brotherhood and terrorist acts in the entire Arab region.
‏In summary, we say that Europe’s work on the economy may be affected by the security challenges and the prevailing political strikes in Libya, which are a source of illegal immigration flows, as these reasons may challenge the European Union countries to play a major role in the crises of the Middle East region compared to the role of other international powers while the role of European Union countries to secure their borders in the face of illegal immigration and the fight against terrorism and limit its transmission to it from the eastern Mediterranean.

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